Easter gift…..geranium… beautiful ….
Think happy and know we can start over…..
I’m tired….I need the beauty of rebirth…..
I will seek compassion and support with friends….
Bruce would make me so happy…..



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A surprise death…..took me by surprise….hardly knew him, however, he was extended family….
I guess it is a sign of the future……I took time to smile today….
How do we make it through the day? Find time to smile and laugh……
They said he was overweight and had heart issues….it was expected…..why should anything be expected? He had just seen his grandchildren and knew how to embrace life…it just caught up with him…..
Pay it forward and find compassion for those who are told ….it is expected…..


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It is Friday– must be happy hour somewhere?

funmy thoughts are a bit selfish today….about me…
why do we as woman hate ourselves when a skirt is to tight or our size 10 from 2 years ago is now a 12?
i’m so mad that i have these thoughts….it must be 5:00 p.m. somewhere for happy hour to begin and the bliss of never never land to set in….
i work out 5 days a week, i’m a caregiver, i have stress in my life, i try and smile when i dance to bruce but the muffin top isn’t going anywhere….
sweet melissa is 5 years older than me..blonde and a size 6…..don’t you just love good looking sisters?
but then this is about me….have to work on loving that selfie and being happy with who i am…
i’d love to lean in, however, the author needs to regroup and remember those of us who have leaned in now need an outlet to rediscover our new role in life….
happy friday….cheers to me….

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Starbucks Caregiver

I don’t get it….it is beautiful out….
the birds are singing, sun is shining and the smell of spring is in the air…
I’m watching the freedom outdoors as I struggle to find support for my parents….
the bird singing is giving me the encouragement to follow through..
sounds strange….hope you don’t think I’m crazy..
I look for that one hour in the day to smile, move forward and deal with reality…..the robin is giving me some normalcy in life….life does go on…..
not to much fun trying to find support groups…..I use to be a I’m part of a group….wonder if it will work…
there are so many people in my position and yet they are invisible…
Starbucks will make me happy…..hello Orange Via….make me laugh


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Sweet Melissa

it wasn’t just another day…..sweet Melissa left and I’m lost once again….
I’ll continue to help, however, remain scared with the vulnerability of the folks….
it is almost comical as I wallow in fear and watch the innocence of Andy on TV Land…..
would love for Bruce to come to my rescue and free me from reality….
it will be o.k.



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Just Another Day

I jumped up today with good thoughts, MSNBC and paying it forward around the house…..
did my daughter deeds while mom was blasting II Divo and I countered with Bruce…no one won!
the stress started building so I kept Bruce dancing in my head…
Sandra Dee is coming tomorrow to help…..
I’ll feel less alone and on a path to sanity….
30 years ago if I had only prepared for this part of my life…a lesson learned…..
remember to respect our elders…they paved the way…..
some day I’ll have peace….


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White Sneakers and Wine!


imagesshe wears white sneakers when she flies….
her shoe size is!
she has has hair the surfers love….
she is my second best friend…..
i pulled down her skirt as we found ourselves in a tub after a long night out….
she is a (0)….the skirt didn’t have far to go….
i would walk behind her as her (0) gave me agita…
back in the day we use to wear skirts…
we traveled around d.c. and the burbs looking for trouble….in those days trouble was fun….
wine with our lunch use to make our job a lot easier and surely enabled us to do a better job….
the guys would flock to her side as she listened to Cher turn back time on the jute box…
we could talk on the phone for hours about nothing….we can still talk about nothing and make a decision….
we went to the Oscars together in our dreams and wore only “Monique Lhuillier”…
she went with george clooney…i went with bruce springsteen….
we solve each others problems…..
she is the definition of a second best friend….loyal to the end…well, now she is engaged!
good luck white sneakers!

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Memories, March Madness and Raymond

i’m getting punched in the face today with rain and memories…
i just read an amazing post which encouraged all of us to live in the moment…
it gets much easier as we get older to live in the moment as living in the past causes to
much pain…
i’m going to cherish every moment i have with those i love….i’m going to box those memories so i have them to open as needed…
if only i can apply my mad methods to my daily life….i have to if i’m going to survive…
march madness will get me through this weekend…i love the madness of the society as we try and nail those brackets….
my loneliness will be wrapped in warmth as i watch the excitement of our youth capture their memories…
then there is always time for “raymond”….i love to laugh…BRUCE

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Oatmeal and Beauty?

i had my coffee, my oatmeal and my dose of reality this morning…
the town was buzzing with talk of the summer that will never come…
have i hit that age where we just talk about the weather?
sweet melissa will arrive tuesday and bring a fresh face to the conversation…
i won’t be overwhelmed…i will smile and live in the moment…
i’m trying hard to accept who i am….the beauty of my 40′s is drowning as i hit midlife.
being happy is more important than botox…or is it?
laughjust another friday…..

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Caregiving and Jeopardy

caregiving is the loneliest job in the world…..
I try to find laughter along the way…
everyone thinks they know…..they don’t….
just don’t try and lose weight along the way….don’t think you’ll find time to get your roots done….
get use to “jeopardy” Alex Trebek and his condescending attitude…’ll find yourself screaming at the television.
no, we didn’t scream before, however, Alex is a wonderful outlet!
I will get my roots done, I will lose weight and I’ll stop screaming at Alex….just not now

life is good….I have my parents….going down memory lane is fun, sometimes I just wish it was real….
the summer will be here soon, farmer’s markets, fresh flowers, starting over and smiles…..I won’t be alone


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