One Lucky Girl

The NY Giants won….
Straight hair is around the corner….
I still can smile….
My sibling is a candidate for coward of the month…..
He continues to emotionally and financially abuse my parents…
I won’t give in….I’ll fight for them….
Let’s see how productive the Department on Aging is in NY…
We won’t be the victims….we will fight for all the folks have given us…
I can’t pay them back enough for seeing me through cancer 14 years ago….
Dad makes me smile, mom makes me laugh, and I’m just one lucky girl…


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I’m not alone….just feel alone…
loneliness is not my best friend…
I’m disappointed in those around me, however, will be able to live with myself…
getting old isn’t pretty but it could be easier….
I’m grateful dad is 97 …I just hope he knows he is not alone…
friends drop by the side as I continue on this journey…
I understand as life has to go on…..
when I want to cry I can write…..
when I need to laugh there is Bruce…
it is beautiful outside…..I love the fall….I can breathe…


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As Roger Goodell Breaks Silence on Domestic Abuse, Another NFL Sponsor Speaks Out

Originally posted on CBS DC:

NEW YORK — Procter & Gamble is canceling an on-field breast cancer awareness promotion it had been planning with the National Football League, the latest sponsor to respond to the NFL’s growing problems.

The consumer products maker is the latest major sponsor, following PepsiCo and Anheuser-Busch, to show concern over the NFL’s handling of domestic abuse allegations against several players. The move came as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference to say that the NFL needs to change its policies and will implement new personal conduct policies sometime before the Super Bowl early next year.

“I made a mistake. I’m not satisfied by the process that we went through. I’m not satisfied with the conclusions,” he said during the conference.

Women make up 35 percent of the average audience of 17.4 million during a regular season NFL game, and the NFL has made it a point to reach…

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Ariana Grande and Pain?

I’m sitting in my favorite coffee pub pondering my goals for the day….
I try and have one goal and if I achieve ….I’m happy….
The sun is shining… hair is straight…..I’m feeling sorta skinny….I have no bills today and, yet, there is a sense of foreboding…
I’m going to try and walk in an effort to ease the foreboding ….I’ll listen to Bruce…
Yesterday I was going to rant as I found out my sibling wasn’t going to assist in the caregiving process…..I’m in disbelief as my family was always there for
Ranting won’t do me any good……thinking only brings out the pain….
I’m not getting any younger…I want to laugh, breathe in the fresh air and thank god for every hour he gives me..
O.k…I will rant about Ariana Grande and the trivial news of the day…..people are really paying attention?!



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Caregiver’s Reality

as a caregiver I know no boundaries
everything is new….
my past is my present and I always prepare for the unknown….that is somewhat my own oxymoron …
I wait for help that doesn’t come and search for Apple Apps that will help me with my new routine of daily meditation…
I laugh at the unexpected and hope the unexpected makes me laugh…
I don’t watch the news or read newspapers any more….reality makes me sad….
if I had only known back then this was coming I would have made a few different choices….win the lottery, move to Hawaii….encourage my parents to have more kids…become a blonde
if only…
but then I always have Bruce….


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My dad…the glider pilot

Dad was a glider pilot…..I know so little…..
He talks about his family and his future …he is 97….
The men of history are made of heart and stone…..
Their courage were guts and their lives were an adventure…
Dad was a movie star in the world of glider pilot life…
Handsome…did the job and got the girls….
Once life went on he was our family man and stories were so few and far between
He looked forward…not to the past……
My anxiety is not living up to his strength….I hope I can….



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Scared and alone

I’m scared….alone and scared…..
dad isn’t doing well..
the news is depressing….more people being beheaded….creepy
happy news…a grandchild will be entering the family…
I meditated today to find answers….
when I’m sad I listen to Bruce


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Laugh, Smile and thanks to Joan Rivers

thank you Joan Rivers…..I won’t be sad today….
you gave us the gift of laughter and excitement…..
I have reason to be sad, however, why waste the time?
I’ll learn from you….be a leader….don’t take it all to seriously…and, when I inherit a fortune I’ll get some Botox
you are an inspiration for the work ethic and not waiting for a handout…..thanks for the lesson…


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Fall is the new summer

summer heat as we fall into fall….
make me smile…..
I want to wear boots…..
my gray is turning blonde under the dryer….
I’ll feel pretty and be Able to keep the faith
time for Starbucks…..


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Pretty and Helpless

it is hard to write again….dad will be 97 next Monday ….he is doing better than I…
he is my magic….he makes me laugh and yet I’m scared of the inevitable…
caregiving has taken away my confidence…I use to feel pretty and now I feel ugly…I feel helpless….
I went and did errands today ….I listened to Bruce and escaped for as long as I could….amazing what “Rosalita” will do for you…

no one really gets what it is we are doing….life goes on for everyone….but stands still for us….
I took a few minutes to stretch, swim and breathe today….it was good..
I’ll feel good again when I know my help is making a difference ….


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