Sweet Bill

sweet mr. Bill made my day…..I was doing a few errands for mojo….I ran into bill….
he is a caregiver and a good person….told me his story on the fly….
don’t feel as alone…..there are good people out there in the world..


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Hershey Kisses solve my problems?

I’m happy…i ate three Hershey kisses!
they made me feel guilty, happy and wanting more!
I was good….I stopped at three…
I ate them as I was frustrated…..
what better reason to eat candy? Frustration,…
next time I’ll just eat for the joy of the sweets…
siblings aren’t living up to the way we were brought up…
so, I decided to be the victim and eat candy!
on a happier note…I did walk three miles today…
I won’t be the victim next time….I’ll eat for pleasure…
fast Eddie needs to be a better son…..not caregiving……just waiting for the money…
where is willie wonka when it need him?


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Smoothies and Serenity

I love my green smoothies….I love my kale, spinach and protein powder….simple but to the point….
when I wake up in the morningmy smoothies make me happy….
they erase the challenges of the day and give me hope for a fun day…
the little things in life make me very happy…..


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Peaceful Waves

I’m a struggling to write today, however, I hope I can find the strength.
I struggle every day with caregiving….I’m blessed and yet helpless…
it is so hard to watch the decline of parents when all you remember are the youthful memories…
I’m watching TV land…..living the fantasy of harmless days is fun….
I could turn on the news…my first love, however, I can’t handle the deaths in Israel and bombing of Gaza. Children not having the chance to live their lives…..so hard to witness…
my happy time today was at the beach…..the musical waves brought a smile to my face…..so peaceful…
I’m going to dark….time to find Bruce and have a concert in my room…..glory days…..


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Bridgehampton Blues

waiting for a meeting in the hamptons…
@ Starbucks ….my happy place….
everyone here is double 00…
I can handle it……I’m in my happy zone…
wonder what a double 00 would be like?
can’t think about it…real problems in the world…
maybe I’ll dream skinny….
<Emory for my Trenta Black Ice Tea …happy thoughts


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Strawberries and the Beach

summer in the country
should he peaceful….
chaos is boiling around me….
I walk to the ocean to find solace…
it makes me smile to buy the fresh strawberries, blueberries, and cherries….
the clutter in my life has to be eliminated
fast Eddie please play nice……they gave you life…..visit the beach…breathe in the fresh air and thank god for what you have been given…
off for my strawberries and smiles


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MOTD #31 – MUA Pretty Pastels palette

Originally posted on Mammu Likes:


Hola bella gente ^_^ Oggi vi mostro un look semplice (tanto quelli che faccio io sono tutti semplici hihhiii) con la Pretty Pastels palette di MUA .Appena comprata ero sicura di usarla tantissimo, invece l’ho lasciata lì ad aspettarmi…. Sentivo che aveva bisogno di un po’ di amore :P

Hola beautiful people ^_^ Today I’m sharing with you a simple look (all I do is simple looks hihihihii) with Pretty Pastels palette from MUA.  When I first bought this palette, I thought I’d be using it a lot, instead I left it there to wait for me….. I felt like it was time to give it some love :P


Sembra come se avessi usato solo due colori sui miei occhi, ma invece ne ho usati cinque.

It looks I only used two colors on my eyes, but I actually used five of them.


Come rossetto ho scelto KIKO Ultra Glossy Stylo…

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Lichtenstein: Nets Coach Hollins A Refreshing Change From J-Kidd

Originally posted on CBS New York:

By Steve Lichtenstein
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“I’m not here to do Billy’s job — I just want to coach.”

So said Lionel Hollins, the man Brooklyn general manager Billy King tabbed to pilot the Nets after Jason Kidd’s failed coup and subsequent exile to Milwaukee last week.

Hollins later downplayed the subtext in his quip above from his introductory press conference on Monday, but the change in the aura surrounding the Barclays Center was still refreshing.

Kidd’s jersey may still hang in the rafters (as it should, since there’s no denying his impact when he starred on the court for the Nets from 2001-2007), but Nets fans no longer have to worry about all the drama that resulted from the growing pains of King’s failed experiment with a rookie coach.

That’s because Hollins has what King should have been looking for last summer when then-interim coach P.J. Carlesimo wasn’t…

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The joy of a Blackberry Mojito Ice Tea

Starbucks brought a little smile to my day today….thanks for the jump in my step. I’m grateful for small favors…


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Matt and his money

I want to write….can’t write….it is bottled up…
what is making me crazy at this moment……NBC claiming their “exclusive” with Pippa Middleton…
really? News?!
Matt signs a 25 million dollar contract and the children crossing the border can’t find food to fill their bellies…
Monday madness….


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